Me through the years.

Published May 5, 2012 by linneasandbakk

I’m really bored and I don’t have any new pictures to post so I thought that I maybe should post a funny post with a bunch of old pics of me through the past years. They’re going from oldest to newest, just so you know.

I know this is a lot of pics and that this post was quite random and stupid but I just felt for posting something!


Pictures from France.

Published May 4, 2012 by linneasandbakk

So I visited Nice in France with my french class the 11th to the 22nd of March this year and I know that some people would love to see some of my pictures that I took over there. I don’t think I will post all of the pics, but I will post some of the pics I believe is the best ones! Hope you guys enjoy! Btw, the pictures of myself is taken by some of my friends!

Just need to say that none of them are gay in any way. This was just for fun!

This is me in Cannes.

Bought myself Hermiones time turner from the Harry Potter movies. One of my best buys over there. I love it so much and it means a lot to me! Finally I got my own time turner so now I can turn back time as much as I want!

Miss those nails.

I know it’s a bunch of pics, but I took almost 2000 pics over there so I guess it’s not that bad after all. I you haven’t been in Nice you should totally visit it! It’s a really nice place! Cannes is also a very nice place, but really expensive! I hope you all are having a good evening!

The Ragged Priest.

Published May 2, 2012 by linneasandbakk

I found a bunch of clothes from a brand called The Ragged Priest. Personally I think the clothes are a little different but really cool. What do you think?

I made a picture in photoshop and put together a bunch of the clothes that I liked.



Published May 1, 2012 by linneasandbakk

I just wanted to update and tell you guys what I’ve been up to today! Me and my boyfriend slept for a really long time so we haven’t done that much, really, but we have been at the store and bought ourselves some Oreo Ice Cream and eaten it (of course). My boyfriend had to change the tires on his car from winter mode to summer mode and it was quite fun to watch my boyfriend work, haha.

Here’s some random pics for you!


I managed to cut my thumb today. It doesn’t look painful, but it’s like a papercut, fucking painful!

My ego picture failed because my boyfriend wanted to scratch my face with his arm. Or something.

Also, I’ve forgot to mention that my mom and dad came home from Nice, France at Sunday (yesterday) and they had bought me these cute things;

When I went to Nice the 11th of March I used almost all of my money on Sephora. It’s a lovely shop and if you’ve never been to one and you see one, go inside! It’s a girls paradise!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

I’m going to eat some bbq food with my boyfriend and his family and after that I’m just going to relax and then I’m going home. I really don’t want to go to school tomorrow, but this week is quite short. Wednesday to Friday and we quit early at Friday for once so I’m getting a long weekend kinda feeling this week as well!

Need to add that I know my english can be a little crappy at times, but when I write a lot I stop thinking about the right grammar and such, but I guess I’m gonna learn myself how to write properly by time!

Some random inspiration.

Published May 1, 2012 by linneasandbakk

All the pics is found at weheartit !

I guess all these inspo pics are going to be some grunge-kinda stuff! Hope you like it!












Going to post some more inspo posts, they’re so fun!
Now I’m going to watch “The Thing” with my boyfriend while lying in bed. That’s always cosy!